• As next-generation networks decentralize their architectures to meet capacity, speed and latency issues, sourcing local, reliable and economical network power solutions can be challenging.

    For years, wireline telecommunication, wireless operators, residential broadband, and enterprise data centers have utilized existing structured cabling to address much of their power connectivity. But using such infrastructure to power network devices can only go so far.

    As future technology is required to do more, and industry standards constantly evolve, networks need to look ahead now as to how structured cabling can provide better distributed power connectivity today and in the future. That’s why networks can trust CommScope to know what's next.

    For more than 40 years, we have pioneered the technology that runs today’s networks. Our network power solutions are another example of our future-forward answers to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. These innovative solutions deliver more power and bandwidth to networks than ever before. In addition, they provide reliable power connectivity that exceeds today’s standards—plus, deliver performance that will last for generations.

    CommScope is here to help you power the potential of your always-on network. As an industry leader with world-class expertise to get things done right the first time, we help power the networks that power your business. Learn how by exploring below.

    Power the tower

    CommScope’s Compact Modular Cabinet offers revolutionary flexibility in configuration, cooling, power, and battery backup. Its unique modular stacking and flexible design accommodate all your site equipment—in the most compact footprint and economical form factor we’ve ever created.

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    The power of progress

    Powered fiber

    As copper infrastructure is replaced by high-performance, low-latency fiber—as in enterprise and broadband distribution networks—new challenges arise in powering the network. Power over Ethernet is great so long as you’re running copper. For fiber-based networks, however, a flexible and economical powered fiber solution can help bring power wherever it’s needed.


    Power over Ethernet (PoE)

    Given the overwhelming success of Ethernet in the networking world, Power over Ethernet (PoE) has emerged as a preferred technology for delivering remote power to networked devices. As a wide variety of devices begin to leverage remote power, you have a clear opportunity to better manage your infrastructure expenses by using your existing structured cabling to provide PoE for commonly-used hardware like security cameras, Wi-Fi access points, in-building wireless systems and LED lighting with CommScope’s PoE solutions.


    Powering the tower

    Cell tower-mounted radios are drawing more current than ever and, when 5G arrives, the overlaid networks will have specific power requirements. For optimal performance and efficiency—as well as to extend backup battery life—operators need an intelligent, dynamic dc power solution. There is a way to deliver exactly the right current to each powered device, account for line loss, and ensure each component is delivering its optimal performance.

    Distributed power and fiber connectivity

    Cell sites with remote architecture can benefit from running fiber all the way to the top of the tower. The problem is getting power to the radios without aincreasing weight and wind load too much. An ingenious way to overcome this challenge is through a specially-designed series of breakout systems that contain fiber and power for as many as 12 remote radio units and install in half the time—and with a third less tower load.

    Power over coaxial

    While power over coaxial is nothing new, there is now an opportunity to get more power performance out of coaxial with a cable solution designed exclusively for power transmission. Economical and easy to handle, it’s a smart way to connect legacy infrastructure.

    Broadband power

    Multisystem operators (MSOs) need to grow their bandwidth as new applications come online. That means more fiber over more legs of the network—making power a challenge. A comprehensive coaxial and fiber cable solution, encased in a rugged sheath for outdoor plant applications, can give MSOs the flexibility they need to compete and win in the competitive broadband marketplace.

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